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Sledenje vehicle tracking with GPSWin

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Exact and Reliable Identification and Telematics
Sledenje d.o.o. has combined its system with Eko Lux for an optimal solution for WASTE DISPOSAL COMPANIES.

 disposal image

Most companies and cities are dealing with growing expenses regarding the process of dealing with waste disposal as well as a decrease in the number of waste disposal areas and an increase in interest for waste segmentation and recycling. With RFID technology, we enable companies to improve their efficiency and control over the complete process of waste disposal.
Thanks to our many years of experience in the field and many projects around the world with our partner MOBA we offer all the experience for careful planning and how to implement as well as execute projects effectively.
waste disposal truck
The use of additional software equipment of PREMIUM MOBA:
  • All the reports available within the system,
  • Visible locations of emptied containers without the chips,
  • Visible locations of emptied containers with the chips,
  • Shown routes of vehicles,
  • Generating and processing reports.
For more information call 01 546 67 67 or send an email to .

CelloTrack Nano 20 – Portable tracking devices
CelloTrack Nano 20 are portable tracking devices mainly used for shipment and container tracking. They allow a simple and complete overview of your assets during the transport phase. Data collected with the device is transmitted via a wireless connection and with the integration into the system you gain a live look as well as an exact analysis of your shipments or containers in motion. 
CelloTrack Nano 20 device

Advantages and Solutions
  1. Visibility
    Enables real-time awareness of cargo and asset location, condition, problems and delays.
  2. Efficiency
    Ensures continuous recording and via event-triggered logic avoids supply chain mistakes, delays or damages and lowers insurance expenses.
  3. Security
    Prevents losses due to theft, loss and misplacement using proximity, tampering and location sensing throughout the entire transport chain.
Technical specifications
  • Rechargable battery via USB connection
  • Battery lifetime up to 8 months
  • Sensorics for temperature, light, collisions, movement, tampering, air pressure, sound, and doors opening/closing
  • Complete integration into the system

Trasport Logistic
Transport Logistic trade fair is on the way. We have put the final touches on our exhibition area and we have assembled a great team of experts to help you with any problem that you have. Please do not hesitate to come talk to us about all the things and successes we can accomplish together.
Exhibition personal

We will be featuring our Fleet management and Route Optimization tools that can significantly increase your productivity as well as decrease transportation costs.
In the companies where business success is in part dependent on transport, this represents a considerable part of business expenses, which are impossible to avert. With the right approach, tools, and knowledge we can reduce those expenses considerably.

Transport logistic trade fair

With our tools, you can achieve higher productivity with your fleet by using shorter transportation routes and achieving higher effectivity than beforehand not to mention that the time spent planning and organizing transport at the office are greatly reduced. This all results in better customer service and lower carbon imprint on the environment.
Come and see us and find out more about our opportunities together!

Automatic route planning
As a solution for optimal route planning we are introducing you our computer program called Route Planner. The program is meant for any company that transports goods as well as provide maintenance support for their customers. The program is featured by speed, simplicity, and adjustability to your specific needs. With automatic route planning our customers can significantly reduce their transportation costs.
  • DAILY PLANNING – Daily route organization. With its ability to adjust to additional or cancelled costumer requests the program allows you to quickly organize your route schedule based on your daily dynamic.
  • STATIC PLANNING – Weekly or monthly route organization. When you set delivery/pickup schedules (times, locations, routes, etc.) we can analyse that data and optimize your fleet by precisely plan your routes. This helps you to save a lot of money as well as increase reliability in the eyes of your customers.
  • SIMULATION PLANNING – The ”what if” planning. By adjusting different parameters we can analyse different route organization scenarios. For example would you be able to remain or increase your effectiveness even if you decrease the amount of vehicles in your fleet.

  • 5-25% decrease in driving distance and time spent on the road
  • 25-75% decrease in time spent route planning
  • Vehicles are better utilized
  • Better service for costumers (compliance with all the order requirements and restrictions)
It would be our pleasure to present you more details and advantages with automatic route planning. For more information call us at 01 54 66 778.
If you want a more detailed description of the program check the PDF file. Detail description of optimization program

Transportation and Logistics fair in Munich (9-12. May)
Transportation Logistic fair is the hub of the global logistics industry. If we believe the organizers of the world leading trade fair in transportation and logistics, then all the main leaders and innovators of the industry will once again be gathered in one spot. The key topics covered at trade fair will be:
  • Services for freight transport and logistics
  • Intralogistics, warehouse management systems, auto-ID, and packaging
  • Freight transport systems
  • IT/telematics, e-business, telecommunications
  • Research and development
This year we decided to join the fair as exhibitors and see how we measure up to the demanding European market. Shall we expect to see you in Germany?

Our presentation will be based on our specialization for fleet management and optimization:
fair flayer 1fair flayer 2
Transport Logistic trade fair is one of the oldest of its kind, more precisely it was established in 1978, and it is organized every other year. Some key facts about the 2015 fair that speek towards its’ success are:
  • 2,050 exhibitors from 62 countries
  • 55,438 visitors from 124 countries
  • More than 112,000 square meters of exhibition space across nine halls and the neighbouring outdoor exhibition area
  • High-quality conference program with some 200 experts

We sincerely hope to see you there!

First yearly workshop for clients using the system
On Wednesday April 5th at 10 am, we performed our first yearly workshop for clients using the system at our company headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia. As usual the workshop was comprised of two parts. During the first part we went over the basics of our program GpsWin as well as the Travel Log reporting program. This has become the standard of our workshops during which we rehearsed all the basic features and possibilities of our program. During the second part we introduced the brand new features of the program developed, which included:

1. Display of ”Traffic flow” function on the Monolitmap in GpsWin.
2. The presentation of the extened report for Daily allowances, which was configured to obide by the new Austrian legislation.
3. The display of the Travel log, which combines the list of location stops with POI (points of interest).

Workshop April 2017

The clients that attended the workshop represented a wide range of industry services such as pharmacy, insurance, utility services, international transport, and forestry. The attendees refreshed their previous knowledge as well as learned about all the new features our system offers. Since we always try to make the workshops interactive at the end of the day we opened up the floor to our clients to ask any questions they have. The workshop was a great success as both the attendees and our workshop expert Gašper showed great enthusiasm.

For anyone who would like to attend the next workshop, feel free to contact us at any time.

See you at the next workshop!

49. International Trade and Business Fair

We are kindly inviting you to visit us at this year`s autumn fair:
49. International Trade and Business fair

Tip of the month – User interface settings
In this month hint we will present how we can change the user interface according to your preferences.To get to the basic settings of user interface you need to first open the Options window (Tools > Options) and select GpsWin tab and then under this tab select User Interface tab. Read more in PDF document --> User interface settings 

Tip of the month – Automatic login in Reports
In this month hint month we will introduce you the possibility of setting automatic login on modul reports. 
Read more in PDF document --> Automatic login in Reports 

Tip of the month – Import Layers
Hint which we present this month comes in handy to all of our companies, which have their own fixed points of interest in the form of layers. Read more in PDF document --> faq_april_icon_change 

Tip of the month – How to change icon of vehicle
This months tip is dedicated to all, who want to organize their fleet management using different icons for devices/vehicles on the map for easier and faster orientation. Feature is designed for companies – transporters who have different brands of vehicles. For changing the icon... Read more in PDF document --> faq_april_icon_change 

Changing stops settings in GpsWin
I think that most of you know how to see bigger stops on the map.
On the other hand, I think that there is a lot of those who do not know where to alter the settings at stops.
Therefore, we will show you this month how you can change your stops settings.
To get to the basic settings of stops you need to first open the Options window...  Read more in PDF document --> Changing stops settings

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

For this special occasion we designed christmas/new year online card which you can check and see on bottom link!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Planning Routes                             

Application also features tools for planning and optimizing your routes. First open the Routes window by selecting Window > Spatial Data > Routes option in menu bar. You will notice the window is empty on the first opening.  Read more in PDF document --> tip_november_2015

Tip of the month – avoid of closing tabs
This monthly tip is to set preventing for closing tabs.
Due to busy schedule and a desire for quick information results it can happen that we close Window/Tab.
These happens when we accidently click on X in a certain window he disappears.
The solution lies in setting a parameter of closure tabs.If we check this option in the window Gpswin-u it always remains static.Read more in PDF document --> tip_august_2015 

Tip of the month – adding locations into GpsWin
This monthly tip is to add locations in GpsWin-u.

Feature comes in handy as a bookmark in Gpswin-u, for ease of review when you load the history of the way, we can see exactly where a specific vehicle crossed the way or had a stop at a particular location.   Read more in PDF document --> tip_ofthemonth_namig_julij_2015_eng_sledenje

Authorised partner - Garmin
For over 10 years our main activity stays GPS Fleet Managament. Brand name as Track&Trace system represents a basic ground for offering advanced solutions like Route Optimizers and handling exact tailor made Route optimizations. More can be red on here ->

Tip of the month – Help contents in GpsWin
A lot of times we already have answers on our questions in GpsWin. There is user guide availabile and it offers description of functionalities and visual step by step overlook of certain function.
User guide is found in Help/ Help contents.Read more in PDF document --> tip_ofthemonth_Tip_month_june_2015_sledenje 

In this hint of the month we will introduce you the possibility of automatic login on start-up. Automatic login on startup is a usefull solution for all who has problems with remembering username and password to login in the Gpswin. Below we will demonstrate how to set setting of auto-login. Read more in PDF document --> tip_ofthemonth_march_2015_sledenje

TIP OF THE MONTH – April 2015
Full screen map and map cloning

We get full screen map by clicking on map’s name and double click it. After double click map is seen through the whole screen. Other windows are moved from static to dynamic view on the sides of the map.

Read more in PDF document --> tip_ofthemonth_march_2015_sledenje 

TIP OF THE MONTH – March 2015
Tip of the month – Show/Hide all the vehicles
In this tip of the month we present two buttons that are used for showing or. hiding vehicles on the map. Read more in PDF document -->  tip_ofthemonth_march_2015_sledenje

TIP OF THE MONTH – February 2015
We are able to get datas from vehicles computer also from personal vehicles and vans. Most of you is already familiar with connection to computer of a truck (CAN-FMS). With special interface called LV-CAN we can now also connect to computers of other types of vehicles.Read more in PDF document tip_ofthemonth_march_2015_sledenje 

Enable or disable tracking of vehicles January 2015
TIP OF THE MONTH - Enable or disable tracking of vehicles January 2015
In the past year we returned two icons in the toolbar to enable or disable tracking of vehicles. Function comes in handy for all major companies, which want to load history of more than one vehicle, while reducing the burden of the program GpsWin-a... Read more in PDF document tip_ofthemonth_november_2014_sledenje

TIP OF THE MONTH – December 2014
TIP OF THE MONTH – December 2014

Refresh of changed data in GpsWin             

1. At changing datas in GpsWin( vehicle name, registration number, replacing devices,…) we frequently receive calls that you don’t see the change in the programme. Reason for that is that you have to restart GpsWin for datas to refresh. The easiest way is by clicking on login button. Read more in PDF document tip_ofthemonth_november_2014_sledenje 

TIP OF THE MONTH - November 2014
Sending predefined messages
In this tip of the month we will present a novelty sending predefined messages. Tip is designed primarily for transport companies and all other businesses in which you are using a tracking device with navigation. Read more in PDF document tip_ofthemonth_november_2014_sledenje

TIP OF THE MONTH - Import Expenses
This month we have a debut from our travel orders.

A new feature will come in handy to everyone which company vehicles are using Magna card from Petrol or OMV.
We will introduce automatic import of Expenses from petrol payment card.
Read more in PDF document. sledenje_vozil_namig aug 2014

Tip of the month – Reset Windows
What to do when we accidently closed the windows instead switching from window to window? Usually we search through the whole GpsWin to activate certain window. But there is a very quick solution that resets GpsWin to standard view: Reset Windows.
Read more in PDF document. sledenje_vozil_namig aug 2014 

Tip of the month – Map print
A lot of times it happens that we need graphic print of path`s history for a certain vehicle for a certain peroid of time. We print the map like this... First we click on Monolitmap in GpsWin, so that the program knows which... Read more in PDF document. sledenje_vozil_namig month julij 2014

Tip of the month – Charts
Application also knows how to present you the data in charts. This way it eases viewing and management of the data. All charts are accessible in the drop down menu
Window > Charts > … and can currently show us one of the next data each in their separate chart.
Tip of the month can be red in PDF document, ssledenje_vozil_Tip_ofthemonth_junij_2014 

TIP OF THE MONTH - Loading history of the route for a group of vehicles
In these tip of the month we will present how to load the history of the route for a certain period in a group of vehicles.

First we click in the program GpsWin menu Window> Monitoring> Groups
Read mode in PDF document sledenje_tips

TIP OF THE MONTH – Java »up to date«
For GpsWin to run smoothly, Java must be up to date. If Java is not updated, it can cause problem in GpsWin functioning (for example, stops aren`t shown on the map, …). To avoid such inconveniences, we must make sure that Java is installed on our computer and make updates regulary.
Read mode in PDF document sledenje_trailer

By the SAL - Slovenian Association of Logistics we have been ivited to lecture on the topic KEEP IT 2014 SIMPLE –  Optimisation of Operating costs. On the conference Tina Skupek lecturered to logistical managers and others hot to aggregate present vehicle monitoring as a basis for continuing the optimisation process in the field, thereby reducing costs in the company. Invitation letter-> click!

TIP OF THE MONTH - search for locations with GoogleMaps
TIP OF THE MONTH - search for locations with GoogleMaps

Monthly tip of the first spring month is locating the sought after address in GpsWin
and by clicking on the Google Map view the selected location on the website GoogleMaps.
The process of enrollment the address to access live with a 360-degree camera is as follows:

1.  First we enter the desired title in search browser of GpsWin

Read mode in PDF document sledenje_trailer

The baisc theme of the 7th regional workshops (in the context of the project) was »ITS – Fleet Management and Freight«. Accordingly. We have been invited to lecture as one of the leading companies in this field with its own development and business success. We congratulate colleague Tina Skupek for the outstanding presentation and interesting lecture.

Happy NY 2014
there is a magical holiday season before us.
Please check our e-greeting card on link :
Monolit & Sledenje Team 

Last workshop 2013
Dear subscribers,

We have succesfully completed the last year’s workshop.
Next will be held in March 2014. Some highlights was caught in the lens by Tina and Gašper. Gallery can be found on this link ->       CLICK

TimoCom article about us.
Dear subscribers,
However, we finally inform: The TimoCom who integrates in its range high quality GPS tracking systems on one platform TC eMap®, integrated Sledenje d.o.o. as a first provider from Slovenia.
Read their Press Release:

Sledenje d.o.o. - news in OCTOBER 2013
Dear clients!
world wide known manufacturer of high quality gps devices APLICOM from Finland included us ont their list of best reference partners.
Read more on link
Sledenje Team.

BIQ-analitics tools
A new designed PROFESIONAL BUT STILL AFFORDABLE program is promoted by Sledenje d.o.o. in September, for efficient business analyses which are important for decission makers and leadership in the companies.

You can check our short presentation movie on youtube chanell HERE.

Dear Partner

We are excited to announce that we are bringing new unit to Aplicom’s product portfolio, the highest quality for gps unit.

APLICOM A1 MAX TRAILER UNIT is a new telematics unit and Aplicom A1 product for trailer tracking. It is basically A1 MAX unit with a cover box suitable for trailer use and with more powerful battery. It connects to the trailer ABS braking system via the 5V -CAN-data bus that is provided by the electronic braking system (EBS), providing a rugged and sophisticated way of collecting trailer information for back-end services.
Please find the detailed product announcements and related datasheets in sledenje_trailer and in sledenje_tracking. For even further information, please contact your Technical or Sales Manager.

Best regards,
Sledenje d.o.o.

Dear users, We have successfully finished last workshop before we jump into holiday time. The next will be in September. Until then we wish you to enjoy holidaying! Some highlights of today's workshop was caught in the lens by Tina and Gašper .... Check image gallery

Last workshop before summer holidays will be on 19.06.2013 at 10.00
Last months we implemented some changes in our users programe We would like to invite you to our workshop to demonstrate this features. Special invitation stands also for fleet managers for demonstration of unique fresh developed and cheaper software for route planning Logix Central and BIQ-software for costs analyses.
For workshop you can apply on, our customers will be invited also by e-mail.

We have bragging rights for selling project Plan Logix to company ISTRABENZ PLINI D.O.O.
We are pleased to announce finalization of last year with success.
Company ISTRABENZ PLINI D.O.O. was testing our tool for planning routes (PLAN LOGIX). Company was persuaded by its extreme usefulness and they decided to buy it. The "PLAN LOGIX" tool guarantees a minimum of 10% transportation cost savings. In their case the numbers exceeded expectations! Savings are made also with decrease of exhaust emissions and further improving the carbon footprint of the company. Congratulations on a wise decision of the client and their contribution to a cleaner environment.

If you are interested how to simplify planning of transport services, DON`T HESITATE, call us immediately for the presentation!

Successful launch Autumn campaign!
Successful launch Autumn campaign! To convince even doubters who questioned the benefits of using our services, we decided to offer
free testing.Do not hesitate too long, because the time is running out! We have done few successful tests and new subscribers will be added among our references.

Sledenje d.o.o. - MONGOL RALLY
Company Sledenje d.o.o. with our company Śledzenie Polska Sp. z o.o.  in Poland track MONGOL RALLY. If you want to know where the caravan is, you can click on link and you will see where the caravan between Poland – Mongolia is.

Successful completion of exhibiting at the fair Logotrans 2012 in Celje
We have successfully completed the dismantling of the fair Logotrans 2012.
Some interesting pictures can be viewed in the GALLERY.

Sledenje d.o.o. on 9.fair LOGOTRANS 2012
Sledenje d.o.o. will be present in 9.FAIR LOGOTRANS 2012, which will be in Celje at 12 to 15 April 2012.
You will find us in Hall L at exhibition space no. 04th
We also invite you to a conference: With higher fuel prices, the optimization of transport is essential, Rajko Kacin.
The conference will be in the Congress Hall, Friday, 13.04.2012 from 10:00 to 13:00.
We look forward to meeting you.

Impressions and photos - MEGRA 2012
In our online gallery, we invite you to view photos of the fair Megra 2012,
where we were present at the exhibition space as well as expert consultation in collaboration with P KOMUNALA LAŠKO D.O.O. IN MONOLIT D.O.O..

Visit us at the fair MEGRA 2012
This year we will attend the 25.fair MEGRA,ENGRA and KOGRA in Gornja Radgona
from 28 March to 1 April 2012th. Visit us in hall A, stand on št.122a;
or join us at the conference 29.3.2012 from 9-13 am in the Chamber I, which will be presented:
Reduce costs of waste collection, performance and results in practice. We look forward to meeting you.

500 years of Gerardus Mercator
Today we mark 500 years since the birth of one of the greatest cartographers, Gerardus Mercator, the founder of modern cartography. For the purpose of commemorating his contribution to geodesy there will be a conference and an exhibition in the Exhibition Hall of the National and University Library and the Academy Festival under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia Dr. Danilo Türk. The Academy will also broadcast an educational film called "From Mercator to Galileo," which represents surveying in the broadest sense. The event sponsored by Monolit d.o.o. will be held today at 19h in the atrium of the SRC SAZU. Part of the film, which speaks of modern navigation technology, will present Monolit with digital cartography on an advanced Samsung technology, which was contributed by Slovenian Samsung representative Janus trade d.o.o. The use of Monolit map data will be displayed in the application of tracking company Sledenje d.o.o., where cartography is used for fleet management.

Happy 2012
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012.

Team Sledenje d.o.o. have developed a new feature "expeditor" that enables an calculation of the distance from a location A to B on the most optimal way (against the given parameters - for example: the closest car, warehouse).For all our clients the new feature is free in December.

Updated vector card
Web portal was updated with a new version of Slovenian data and so was updated our vector card for our system We added a new municipality Mirna, new highway segment Peračica - Podtabor and a new highway exit. There were also changes made in 36 bigger cities
and city parks added.

We have prize winners from MOS 2011 fair game
Prize winners of the Sledenje d.o.o. game are:
1.prize (Mobile phone of company Telekom Slovenije d.d. with application of system Sledenje d.o.o.): Tomaž Požin
2.-5. prize (promotional items): Aljoša Kofol, Sanja Guček, Branko Biškop, Zvonka Lokar
6.-15. prize (T-shirt): Helena Golobič, Lorenca Maver, Tamara Kristan, Janez Balanč ml., Matic Kernulc, Vanja Kolenko, Mitja Gangl, Saška Galun, Timotej Leskošek, Jožef Klavž.

Congratulations to all winners! Prizes will be delivered by mail.

Impressions from the fair MOS 2011
In the Gallery tab, we`ve provided a few highlights of the fair MOS 2011, where we completed another successful trade fair presentation.

44. MOS Celje 2011
During the 7. - 14. 09.2011 we will be present on the 44. MOS Celje in Hall B1, stand No. 26.
You are welcome to visit us, and see all the latest technological advantages of company Sledenje d.o.o.

New offer - Planning and optimization, identification of containers for waste
Our current range we have added two new features, namely:
PlanLogiX - Planning and optimization of the fleet is the top software services include a full set of adjustable parameters such as time windows, adjusted the speed on the road, working hours, types of vehicles, types of products, warehouses, ...
(There are also advantages: saving time, reducing costs with fewer vehicles and less fuel, better customer service, the right vehicle at the right place, the overall picture and improvement of the overall logistics process.)

Identification of waste receptacles is a modular construction in a robust design with support in all frequencies, which supports weighing by different manufacturers, with possibilty to remote guidances,....
(There are also advantages: resource management, automated billing , managing black / white list, prevent improper waste disposal, possibility of individual waste collection, optimization of management of waste containers and receptacles)
Both new features can be included in the system

If those innovations can also be useful for your business and your fleet, please contact us, and we will be happy to present all the advanced options.