EU tachograph standards, driving time and rest periods

Driving time and rest periods are articulated by EU regulations, more specifically the European agreement concerning The Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport or in short AETR. The agreement determines the maximum driving time on a daily, weekly and 14-day basis, as well as daily and weekly rest periods for all drivers in transport and logistics services.

Regulations also indicate the allowed format and equipment used for recording tachograph data on the road. Digital tachograph is required to be installed in all vehicles having a mass of more than 3,5 tons or if the vehicle is carrying more than 9 persons including the driver. In the event of violating these rules and regulations the fines are substantial both for companies collectively and drives individually.

Quick summary of tachograph, driving time, and rest period regulations

  • A daily driving period cannot exceed 9 hours, with an exception of twice per week where driving time can be extended up to 10 hours.
  • Per every 24 hours, a daily rest period of at least 11 hours is necessary with the option of reducing that time to 9 hours three times a week.
  • A driver must take a break of 45 minutes after every 4,5 hours of driving. You can replace the 45-minute break with incremental 15-minute break periods spaced out throughout the 4,5 hours of driving.
  • Weekly driving time cannot exceed 56 hours in total and the maximum allowed driving time for a two-week period is 90 hours.
  • Drivers must take the prescribed weekly rest after a maximum of 6 working days. Weekly rest is identified as 45 continuous hours. An exemption can be made every second week and the weekly rest period can be reduced to 24 hours. This is only allowed if a driver is taking the weekly break outside of the normal parking area for the vehicle.

You can also find the outline of these rules on the official website of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport.

Tachograph module to assist road transport companies and their personnel

At Sledenje, we developed a solution that helps drivers and office personnel keep track of individual driving times and rest periods. The solution alerts all necessary parties ahead of any potential violations. This allows clients to optimize their fleet operations, not to mention to act according to regulations and prevent any unnecessary fines. There are two important functionalities within the solution:

  1. Automatic remote transfer of tachograph and driver card data every 28 and 90 days. This saves clients a lot of trouble trying to coordinate their fleet for onsite data transfer. What is important to understand as well, is that automatic remote tachograph data transfer is in compliance with all EU regulations.
  2. Online tachograph data, driving time and driver status. The clients have access to all current tachograph data online in order to keep track of current and future availability of their drivers and their fleet. Additional assistance is provided by online alert system to help prevent any future violations to occur.

The solution is very important for office personnel that is in charge of organizing and dispatching drivers and vehicles. With the access to tachograph data on all levels prescribed by the regulations, helps them organize on a daily, weekly, and 14-day basis. With this opportunity, clients can save a lot of time planning and the result is a more precise and optimized fleet.


Tachograph data quality and precision is important for success

Only precise data is useful data. If the data is not realistic and correct, it is better to have no data. Imprecise data can distort the view of reality and as a result impact business operations in a negative way.

At Sledenje, we recognize that fact and from the very beginning in 2004 one of our main focuses has been precise data. That is why we make sure every functionality within our system is based on the most precise data possible and in accordance with any regulations. We accounted for all of the above with our tachograph module for driving time and rest period view/analysis.

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