Sledenje d.o.o. – Come visit us at trade-business fair MOS

The why, when, and how of trade-business fair MOS

Trade-business fair MOS is the biggest trade and business fair in Slovenia and the region. There are over 900 exhibitors attending it annually as well as over 120 thousand visitors. The event covers a broad range of industries and markets, which are grouped together into 5 fields: mechanization, home construction, products and services, tourism and small to medium businesses. The fair incorporates different kinds of events, conferences and lectures creating an interesting and wholesome experience for both individuals as well as businesses.

7th time is the charms at trade-business fair MOS

As is usual for Sledenje, we will be one of the exhibitors at the fair again. The fair is on the calendar from the 11th till the 16th of September. We will be introducing all our new features and improvements to our fleet management system During the time of the fair we kindly invite you to take the chance and come visit us. Together we can find an optimal solution for you and your business.

We will be featuring several new features and updates of system:

Save on expenses by encouraging ecological driving


Eko2go savings piggy

Every company that has either their own or leased fleet of vehicles deals with considerable expenses from fuel to vehicle maintenance. We developed a module for monitoring driving behaviour and characteristics, which enables an exact view into how employees drive. By analyzing parameters such as fuel consumption, over-speeding, harsh breaking, seat-belt discipline and many others, we can precisely analyze driving behaviour. Based on these results we can compare, teach, and improve driving behaviour as well as driver safety, which can significantly affect expenses that are linked to the fleet.

Use of traffic information to improve planning


Traffic flow information

Slovenia is a transit company and as many other countries is dealing with an increasing traffic congestion. Traffic jams have become an everyday occurrence for most people and has a big effect on companies that are in part dependent on road transportation. Being on time and keeping with a schedule is highly dependent on precise traffic information at the right time. Exactly for that reason we added a traffic information module into, that shows real-time traffic flow on the roads. We can proudly say that our traffic information module is the most precise and complete such solution in Slovenia and Europe.

Combine a package for a customized solution

Sledenje has developed different packages within it’s solutions from the most basic to very complex. In time of the fair we will be offering custom solutions assembled by you, our clients. Together we can design a solution that is tailormade just for you and the needs of your company.

You are all kindly invited to come visit us at trade-business fair MOS in Hall L, exhibition space 18. We will be very happy to welcome you. See you there!