Why route planner is a great solution for your fleet

Route planning software offers an optimal solution for fleet management and optimization. All orders, all vehicles can be organized at once, taking into account any time windows or any other special request by your clients. This significantly reduces time spent planning transport, the vehicles are better utilized, the routes are in optimal order, and the human factor is minimized.

Who is it for?
In the companies where business is in part dependent of transport, transport represents a considerable part of business expenses, which are impossible to avert. With the right tools, approach, and knowledge we can reduce these expenses considerably.

Four levels of route planner
From determining the scalability of a potential distribution business to mastering daily planning for a complete and profitable business solution.

  1. Strategic – With a complete analysis, answer “What is the optimal location for a new distribution center?”
  2. Tactical – Do you have standard routes and terrain? Lower expenses and increase efficiency with optimal planning.
  3. Operational – With today’s data plan a perfect tomorrow.
  4. Dynamic – Do you have problems accounting for new order or traffic events? Do not let such events surprise you and include those circumstances into your existing plan.

Route planner in phases

  1. Data collection and analysis of current status with gps tracking and internal databases. This phase is meant to determine a reference point and to assess where are the best opportunities to improve.
  2. Project design and requirements, where we set all relevant parameters for your company within the system. These parameters are vehicle types, transport frequency, locations of terminals, speed limits, etc.
  3. Implementation of new orders with all relevant attributes for an optimal solution. We integrate data such as order ID numbers, client names and locations, load type, time windows, and traffic restrictions.
  4. Project trial performed as a hypothetical situation that allows us to assess the process so far, comparing the results with the current state statistics.
  5. Implementing the new plan based on all the parameters and specifics of your company with the addition of automatic planning and accounting of new orders.
  6. The final assessment tells us whether all orders are being accounted for and if the planned routes are optimal. With the KPI analysis we determine the investment to return ration and we perform final adjustments.

Route Planner in numbers
Results of fleet optimization projects so far:

  • 5-25 % less mileage and less time spend on the road,
  • 25-75 % less time spent planning routes,
  • A better services to your clients,
  • Better fleet utilization.

Route planner software is an open-source solutions therefor it is easily integrated with the other information systems that your company uses for day to day operations.