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The key to fuel savings is understanding the costs

Effective cost control is a big part of a successful business. Even though most often we talk about the optimization of variable costs, when it comes to the needs of the company and its operations, it is possible to successfully reduce fixed costs. In times of volatile fuel markets, optimizing the cost of fleets is […]

SPIRIT – Adventure mobility & logistics

Wednesday, 13 October 2021, 10:00-11:30 (CEST) Slovenian public agency SPIRIT is organizing series of five online events, featuring the best of Slovenian mobility. On their next event called “Adventure Mobility and Logistics” (Wednesday, 13 October 2021, 10:00-11:30 (CEST)) our CEO will represent new product for logistic planning and optimization called “FleetOpti”. Join us and learn […]

Automation and Analysis of Tachograph Data in the Cloud

Tachograph data handling from driver cards and digital tachograph requires specific activities that are repetitive and have predefined timelines. The data is used to prepare official reports, and provide notifications in case of any violations, which makes this process ideal for automation. Specifics of tachograph data and how TachoLab deals with it One of the […]

Sledenje d.o.o. – Come visit us at trade-business fair MOS

The why, when, and how of trade-business fair MOS Trade-business fair MOS is the biggest trade and business fair in Slovenia and the region. There are over 900 exhibitors attending it annually as well as over 120 thousand visitors. The event covers a broad range of industries and markets, which are grouped together into 5 […]

GDPR and what it means for GPS tracking

The general regulation for data protection called GDPR has been one of the main topics lately and we are no exception. Our company due to the nature of our work that is based on GPS technology and data collection, used this opportunity to further improve in the area of data protection. In the following article […]

Sledenje International AI – fleet management for road transport companies

Sledenje International AI is a fleet management solution specifically designed for companies involved in international road transport. Tachograph data, truck-specific navigation, written communication, fuel-probe monitoring, and additional sensor parameters all readily accessible through one interface. Instant access to driver status and easy transport planning Get a simple and complete view into driver availability on a […]

EU tachograph standards, driving time and rest periods

Driving time and rest periods are articulated by EU regulations, more specifically the European agreement concerning The Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport or in short AETR. The agreement determines the maximum driving time on a daily, weekly and 14-day basis, as well as daily and weekly rest periods for all […]